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Its time for school

Week 1

My first entry. I’m using the early part of this week to set up my blog, get my resources ready and attend my first session in school helping on a little project completing one to one tests. I don’t want to tell you too much on what I’ll be doing the tests on or I’ll have little information to tell on my next post 🙂

I go in one afternoon, the early part of this week where I will find out the full details of what this project involves although I have been given a small description. I’m sure depending on how much I use my initiative and how well I do, will depend on how often they want me to go in during the week from there on. Lets face it, not everyone is cut out to help in a school and if I’m one of them, we can laugh about it later!

This first session is a starter, a warm-up to get me introduced slowly to the children and more so for me to relax into a supporting role that I haven’t done since I was at school. My experience of working in a school before this was two sets of work experience (1 week in a Primary and 2 weeks in a Physical Education department at Senior school) and some extra curricular help with special needs swimming galas, organisation of own school gala and home work support groups. I was young, naïve, quiet, nervous…etc.. and the only difference now is that I’m mature and can switch on my working ‘mode’. Until my first visit I’ll continue being nervous and worried that I’ll fail at something I’ve longed to do and will look stupid in front of people I have the greatest respect and admiration for.

So, fingers crossed I will be okay and I’ll start to relax and will come back to you with a little less apprehension for the coming weeks.

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