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Learning Key Stage 1

Week 3

It is half term week and whilst spending time with my children I realised that to assist in school, I should know a little about what they learn every day. Some people remember snippets of information from their school days, usually the basics, but for me, I hardly remember anything unless it’s of interest. Obviously this isn’t going to hold me in good stead if I want to progress into teaching and it definitely won’t help me if I want to help the children and teachers at our local school.

While I was at the local high street, I decided to pop into Waterstones to take a sneak peek in one of the Key Stage 1 books (yes, an extremely basic area that Infant children learn!) and I was wasn’t surprised to see the amount of information that I had forgotten because of my ignorance and lack of need for use 😯

I am a little embarrassed 😳 at my lack of general knowledge and understanding of the key points that lay down the foundations of our learning but I have been aware for many years that the subjects I love, I learn. I read and become obsessed with the details, yet for anything else, it goes in but it doesn’t seem to store anywhere. I think from knowing this, I have 100% confidence that I will re-learn all the information applicable for assisting young minds since I’m now on that path. This is my chosen career whether as a Main Stream Teacher, Special Needs Teacher or Educational Psychologist – I know what I want to learn and I will learn it.

So to start, I have bought myself the KS1 revision book for English and on order I have selected KS1 Mathematics and Science, KS2 Mathematics, Science and English, and KS3 English and Science. I will go back to basics and start again.

I’ve already started reading through the English KS1 book and it covers things such as: acrostic poem, adjectives, adverb, alliteration, apostrophe, contraction, homophones, metaphor, noun, plural, simile, syllables, tense and verb – these are all words that I don’t know with exception of those I know of by meaning but not by their name.

Is this due to my lack of intelligence? No, I think I am quite intelligent; maybe it’s partly due to the way I learn and the information I store, it wasn’t something I took on board at a young age due to my ability to drift off into my world, a dreamland – something I wasn’t aware I did until I was in my late teens by which time everything had passed me by and I’d had enough of education.

Is this due to my ignorance? definitely; as you get older you realise there is a lot of information you didn’t take onboard whilst still at school (at least there was for me) and most people pick things up as they go along in adult life – I didn’t.

I think its safe to say that I have determination to make this work 🙂

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Start at the beginning

Week 2

Since my last post I have been to school three times: my first visit I was extremely nervous and while I probably looked calm and talked normally (or maybe not?) my hands were a little shaky and my brain on over-drive including my mouth. We discussed in brief detail what I would do to start with and I was given a day the following week to go back in and start.

On that set day and time I went in with a little more ease, less nervousness and feeling a little more relaxed, similar to my first few days at work; full of enthusiasm and raring to accept what was going to be thrown at me. I already knew what I would be doing on that day so I signed in at reception and made my way to the class to show my presence to the teacher.
Now, do I call her ‘teacher’, ‘mentor‘ or ‘Mrs A’? I have a great teacher and mentor who I will be helping and who is and will be helping me, in fact I now have two. I think I will call her the ‘mentor’ and occasionally ‘Mrs A’ and the second teacher can be ‘Mrs B’ 🙂
My mentor acknowledged me and finished what she was doing with the children before quickly running through what it was I would be doing. We found a spare room and I was going to listen to the children read from a sheet for one minute and mark their score based on whether words were read correctly or not. After each child I’d send them back to class and get another one from the list.

At lunch time I met with both my mentor and Mrs B and they ran through one of the many projects they have lined up for me. I was bursting on the inside, I was being given 1:1 or small group tasks and not jumping into a full class of 30+ children where I’d be lost and be completely reliant on being told what to do. I was also apprehensive but comfortable enough to share my thoughts that while I want to do these projects, I’m afraid of doing it wrong, making mistakes, looking a fool and letting them down. However, for the first time in ages I was excited about my job; the fact that its voluntary is neither here nor there 🙂

After lunch I continued with the tests and this continued into the next day when I finished testing all the children from both classes. During my time I was able to relax, I had a routine on how I explained what we were about to do: they’d read, I’d make notes and then send them back to find the next child while I counted and finalised their details.

I made my observations, taking a mental note of a few children and their reaction and behaviour. I suppose this is something I’ve always done; observed people and how they interact in the world around them.
A few observations I made was with a couple of children who were younger looking than the rest and struggled, one boy was small but grown up and bold in his speech, another was very hasty to complete while an older child appeared to have a need to lean on the desk as opposed to standing up straight. I had a child with a social anxiety disorder, one who was forward in how she perceived herself and a couple who were very nervous and slightly distracted by their surrounding. I also had two that were little live wires and wanted to know the ins and outs of the test and others results as well as information about me.

Separate to the children, I briefly observed some acquaintances who also attend the school: one who looked inquisitive and slightly happy but also hesitant at my being there and the other had a smirk, almost like a rival in competition.

I’m not sure what to make of that but will continue to keep my eyes open. I’m not there to judge people but observe, help and learn so that I can build on my experience and knowledge that will help me progress into a career I think I will love 😀

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