Reading Progress

19 May

Week 12 – Continued…

This weeks task was similar to weeks 4 and 5 but without the sounds/digraph testing.

When I got into school, after signing in at the office I grabbed a ‘Volunteer’ lanyard from the basket, slipped it over my head and made my way to Mrs A’s class. I waited for her to finish telling the children about their lunchtime reading club, then she grabbed her clipboard and on her way towards me held it up and asked ‘do you remember doing these?’. I recognised the sheets: reading assessments, they were different but similar. I told her I did and quickly confirmed the allowed number of incorrect readings before each child had to stop and if they were to be timed, which they weren’t.

Mrs A then proceeded to ask if I’d had a nice Easter break which I replied to as ‘yes thanks’ – I’d rehearsed this response so as not to forget to reciprocate, obviously I asked her in return ‘you?’ Any conversation from there on was doomed for an abrupt end as I smile, nod and either respond with a cut off or notably have nothing in my head for a response!

I went and photocopied the sheet to cover all 50+ children and then took the first child on the list for a quick one to one read working my way through the classes during the course of that week. The improvement seen based on the 6 weeks prior was noticeable, very few children had trouble with the b’s and d’s and they were able to read further down the list with fewer scattered errors. I was impressed with their progress.

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