02 Aug

Procrastination – my favourite new word. I kept seeing that on another forum I frequent but didn’t know what it meant so decided to look it up.

Procrastination is described as putting off, deferring, delaying or postponing something that requires your attention, usually your immediate attention. For example, now I should be getting washed, tidying up and doing my course work but instead, here I am posting about what I shouldn’t be doing.

I gave up work to concentrate on the house, kids and not to have the excuse that I was doing my TMAs ALL night – and yes, I mean in my last course I wasn’t going to bed the night before my TMA was due because I got too far behind on the work. I’ve tried to learn from experience but in the early stages of this course found I was doing everything else but my study.

For me, having a child with special needs adds extra strains in our life and like all children, both make far too much mess; I find I’m constantly tidying up, washing or ironing and any spare time in the evenings I’m too tired to concentrate on reading.

You could say ‘well, get them to tidy up then!’, but unless you’ve had dealings with a child with Autism and an Attention Deficit (the less compulsive side of ADHD), you’ll realise that getting them to do anything menial is extremely hard. However, that’s something to be left for other posts.

Unlike my previous course (maths), reading tends to need a lot more of my attention in order for it to sink in. I’m a slow reader with low comprehension which for me means that I have to read and sometimes re-read to take in and understand what I’ve read. I suppose you could look at it in this way: following a quick reading test supplied speed test I read 20% lower than the national average with an approx speed of 188 words per minute. This was with relatively easy text, so imagine how slow I am to read course material!

With holidays being just over a week away, I have to adjust my schedule, my list of priorities and get ahead of my course to make sure I do well in my next TMA that is due for completion in the week I return.

How do you cope with a lack of enthusiasm or having too many things you want to do?

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One response to “Procrastination

  1. SoWillThisBeGraded

    August 30, 2012 at 2:33 AM

    Ugh. Procrastination sucks. I try to tackle everything I’m dreading first. Sometimes then it seems like the other chores aren’t quite so bad.


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