This blog is a journal, diary, log… my journey along a road that leads into teaching.

I’m a mature student who has always wanted to teach but took a gap year before going to university that lasted almost two decades. Following personal circumstances I found myself being thrown back into the world I once loved, igniting that enthusiasm for education and child development with a special interest in SEN (Special Educational Needs).

I’ve enrolled in higher education to gain a degree that I should have worked for all those years ago and volunteered my time to help our local school which will also aid me by giving the necessary experience I will need to progress into teacher training.

In this blog I want to tell you about my study and its challenges plus my time spent back at school, learning about the children, the types of work they do and the things teachers and support staff have to deal with – the highs and lows.

I hope to update this blog once a week but at the start it might be intermittent while I get used to my change in daily activity. I’m sure there will be occasions when there is so much daily activity that I’ll give updates sooner.

You can follow my journey by clicking the subscribe button in the margin 😀

Thanks for reading.


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