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I’ll give you three building blocks – now build a house

A set of blocks

A set of blocks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What was your first thought when you read that? 

Don’t think about it too long, I want your first answer, your first impression, what you thought when you read that you had to build a house with only 3 blocks? 


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Learning Key Stage 1

Week 3

It is half term week and whilst spending time with my children I realised that to assist in school, I should know a little about what they learn every day. Some people remember snippets of information from their school days, usually the basics, but for me, I hardly remember anything unless it’s of interest. Obviously this isn’t going to hold me in good stead if I want to progress into teaching and it definitely won’t help me if I want to help the children and teachers at our local school.

While I was at the local high street, I decided to pop into Waterstones to take a sneak peek in one of the Key Stage 1 books (yes, an extremely basic area that Infant children learn!) and I was wasn’t surprised to see the amount of information that I had forgotten because of my ignorance and lack of need for use 😯

I am a little embarrassed 😳 at my lack of general knowledge and understanding of the key points that lay down the foundations of our learning but I have been aware for many years that the subjects I love, I learn. I read and become obsessed with the details, yet for anything else, it goes in but it doesn’t seem to store anywhere. I think from knowing this, I have 100% confidence that I will re-learn all the information applicable for assisting young minds since I’m now on that path. This is my chosen career whether as a Main Stream Teacher, Special Needs Teacher or Educational Psychologist – I know what I want to learn and I will learn it.

So to start, I have bought myself the KS1 revision book for English and on order I have selected KS1 Mathematics and Science, KS2 Mathematics, Science and English, and KS3 English and Science. I will go back to basics and start again.

I’ve already started reading through the English KS1 book and it covers things such as: acrostic poem, adjectives, adverb, alliteration, apostrophe, contraction, homophones, metaphor, noun, plural, simile, syllables, tense and verb – these are all words that I don’t know with exception of those I know of by meaning but not by their name.

Is this due to my lack of intelligence? No, I think I am quite intelligent; maybe it’s partly due to the way I learn and the information I store, it wasn’t something I took on board at a young age due to my ability to drift off into my world, a dreamland – something I wasn’t aware I did until I was in my late teens by which time everything had passed me by and I’d had enough of education.

Is this due to my ignorance? definitely; as you get older you realise there is a lot of information you didn’t take onboard whilst still at school (at least there was for me) and most people pick things up as they go along in adult life – I didn’t.

I think its safe to say that I have determination to make this work 🙂

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